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What is Urgent Care?

Urgent care is a category of medical care which focuses primarily on injuries and illnesses requiring immediate care, but not requiring a traditional Emergency Department.

Vermont Urgent Care was established in partnership with Vermont Health Care to provide services over the weekend which cater to a specific community need. Thanks to the support and trust of our local community, Vermont Health Care has grown over the years to be a significant provider of GP services. We were honoured to be a point of care for patients in areas as far as Park Orchards, Heathmont, Scoresby & Wantirna. Our services have been well utilised by our immediate neighbours in Mitcham, Nunawading, Burwood South & Forest Hill. This means that you will be well looked after over Saturday and Sunday whilst most traditional GP clinics are closed. 

Whilst we are located in an established GP clinic (Vermont Health Care), you do not need to be a patient here to attend. We will endeavour to return you back to your GP for follow up care.

We are now pleased to offer the following:

  • New Purpose built Medical Centre
  • Doctors with different levels of experience in urgent care medicine
  • X-ray and Pathology Collection on site with limited availability
  • Rapid access to Radiology (MRI/ CT), Specialists & Physios
  • Walk- In Clinic. No appointments needed.

Our Clinic

Vermont Urgent Care

5 Boronia Road, Vermont VIC 3133
Phone: (03) 9874 3444
Fax: (03) 9874 3400

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Saturday: 12- 5pm
Sunday: 12- 4pm